Lindsay Vonn And Her Sister Reveal How Different Olympians Are From The Rest Of Us

One of these two sisters is a world-class athlete. Can you figure out which in this “wait for it” video?

The grace that top athletes possess can mean they make incredible accomplishments look easy — often deceptively so. Now, we’re under no pretenses that world-class skier Lindsey Vonn’s workout regimen is a walk in the park, but many of us would like to think we could at least attempt the exercise she’s demonstrating in this Instagram video.

Atop a balance board, she’s lifting what is a certainly large and probably heavy weight in circular motion. She’s clearly exerting herself in her performance, but it doesn’t look impossible, does it?

Well, you wouldn’t think so. But then her sister — who’s no Olympian but at the very least shares her sister’s DNA — gives the exercise a shot.

Pay attention because her attempt doesn’t last long.

We didn’t expect a top-tier performance from someone attempting this while wearing a cardigan, but her quick, involuntary dismount reminds us that, yeah, pro athletes make really difficult stuff look easy.

As far as the routine goes, it appears from an early post that this one exercise is just the tip of the iceberg for Lindsey. But don’t let this discourage you from working out! You might just want to start small and work your way up to this: