Muay Thai Fighter Still Trains Like A Beast At 39 Weeks Pregnant

The tenacious mom, just moments ago, shared a photo of her newborn child, Maddox Jesse Reece.

I’m not sure kickboxing while pregnant is addressed in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but that hasn’t stopped Caley Reece, six-time muay thai world champion, from continuing to train well into her third trimester of pregnancy.

The Australian fighter posted the training video (that’s the father, Marvin, holding the pads) below to her Facebook page and set off some spirited discussion on social media.

Few people would argue that maintaining this level of activity into a pregnancy is impressive, but the conversation on the baby’s well-being proved much more divisive, forcing even Reece herself to weigh in:

When Reece made the video, she knew it would serve as a catalyst for discussion – which is what she wanted. In a recent interview with Bek Heaton Photography, she admitted as much, saying, "Pregnancy is not an illness or sickness. It's not a reason to stop living. It's a reason to start looking after yourself. You are creating life so you need to be in good mental and physical condition. If not for yourself, then for your new addition."

Just a week after she posted her training video, this appeared in her Instagram feed:

Maddox Jesse Reece looks pretty healthy to me. I’m sure mom will have some pretty good pregnancy stories for him when he gets older.