The Stubborn Pontiac Silverdome Refused To Collapse During Its Scheduled Demolition

The vacant building remains standing, leaving the demolition team scratching their heads.

The sports world may have abandoned the Pontiac Silverdome long ago, but the scheduled demolition on Dec. 3, 2017, proved that the structure’s spirit is still intact.

The Detroit sports venue, which has been in disrepair since the relocation of the Detroit Lions in 2002, was to be imploded. However, the structure wasn’t willing to go without a fight, refusing to fall after the explosive charges fired.

A month before the scheduled demolition, the city had shared the details of the demolition plan in a press release. “Each vertical beam surrounding the Silverdome will house a small charge, which upon detonation, will cause the beams to break and the steel ring to fall to the ground,” the city had announced.

From another angle, the building appears equally resolute in its quest for survival.

The crowd and audience were left scratching their heads at the unlikely turn of the events, as were the employees of Adamo, the demolition contractor overseeing the task at hand.

Adding complexity to the issue is that there’s little doubt the building is now substantially weakened on the verge of collapse at any moment. This new uncertain state will force the demolition team to take the building down mechanically rather than risk the lives of workers in a compromised structure.

Congratulations, Silverdome. You win this round.