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Ronda Rousey Took A Low-Profile Trip To Standing Rock, Offering Support And Supplies To Protesters

She’s working very hard to keep a low profile by quietly distributing food and supplies for protestors

Ronda Rousey may have suffered a career setback with her devastating loss to Amanda Nunes, but it appears she’s already dusting herself off to wage another fight, albeit one a long way from the octagon. The iconic MMA star headed to Standing Rock, where she showed her support for the protestors by taking photos and meetings with those on the front lines of the battle.

Since Rousey has made herself pretty scarce since her late-December loss, there are no interviews or Instagram posts that divulge whether Donald Trump’s recent action was the impetus for this trip or if it had been planned prior. On Tuesday, Trump signed an executive order overruling the Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to pause construction so that the environmental impact may be more closely examined.

Regardless of the timing, the protesters appear very happy to host the celebrated athlete:

A subsequent TMZ interview of Linda Black Elk (the middle subject in the picture), revealed more about Rousey’s surprise appearance:

...she’s an incredible person and just so humble. She wasn’t asking for any publicity. And when I talked to her about that, she basically said that she felt like a disappointment, just that everyone was really upset with her, and I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but it was very important for me to tell her how important she is to the Native community in particular. She told me that she would come back and stand right on the front lines and get pepper sprayed alongside everyone else!”

Another report from TMZ states Rousey actively tried to avoid recognition as part of a group delivering food, tents, and stoves to those in the encampment.

That’s all we know about Rousey’s business at Standing Rock, which seems to be her intent.

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