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Serena Williams Shows Off Her Dance Moves In This Stunningly Simple TV Ad

“ strong, not only for yourself, but for other women as well.”

Serena Williams might be facing a trying first match in the Australian Open against sleeper Belinda Bencic, who knocked off the icon in their last meeting, but it’s what’s she’s doing in an empty dance studio that’s really got people talking.

In the simple, stark TV ad “Do It For Yourself” for Australian sportswear company Berlei, Serena shows the world her moves off the court while soundtracked by a cover version of Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself.”

There’s not much that can be said about what goes on, but there’s still a lot to take in this so-straight-it’s-funny spot:

The ad, like so many involving U.S. megastars, isn’t set to air Stateside, but that hasn’t kept it from making a big impression. In a behind the scenes featurette for the commercial, Serena talks about what the ad means to her:

In the piece, the recently-engaged Williams explains what the ad and dancing both mean to her:

“I feel like dance is moving toward feeling yourself from the inside and really letting go. What better way for Berlei to do a campaign and represent the strength and power of a woman and celebrate the beauty of women? And be strong, not only for yourself, but for other women as well and encourage each other. For me, that’s so important. That’s definitely how I try to live my life and how I try to be.”

While the spot might mean something special and unique to her, it’s hard not to think of another unlikely star making their way around a room with the power of dance:

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