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Using Only Snowshoes, An Artist Created An Impressive Sprawling Design On Target Field

The 59-year-old artist typically covers 25 miles of snow to create these large-scale masterpieces.

The Twin Cities were abuzz with Super Bowl traffic and festivities for the past two weeks, but an unconventional artist managed to find a serene locale nearby for his latest sprawling work. Taking to a snow-covered Target Field, the outdoor home of baseball’s Minnesota Twins, British artist Simon Beck spent two days marching in snowshoes to create art on an empty field.

While the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings enjoyed notoriety from their deep playoff run and their hosting of the Super Bowl, the Twins were quick to tout Beck’s work on an impressively large scale using a time-lapse clip of the artist’s fleeting creation.

While the “canvas” may be novel to many unfamiliar with Beck’s work, the artist has been using both snow and sand for decades to create giant geometric designs all over the world.

Beck gave the world a (nearly) birdseye view of the finished product via his own Instagram account:

To create the radially symmetric art, Beck spends up to 11 hours creating the pattern as he walks, resulting in a feat that’s as much athletic as it is artistic. It’s typical for Beck to cover up to 25 miles of ground to create one of his trademark landscape pieces.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, this work is Beck’s 270th completed piece, but his first in a sporting venue.

Beck’s stated his goal is to create 1,000 pieces in total by age 80, which means he’s got 730 locations left and a staggering 18,250 miles of snowy and sandy surfaces to cover before hanging up his shoes for good.

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