Hyperlapse Video Shows What It’s Like To Run Through The Seasons

He recorded himself running over 159 miles.

Runner Jeff Dougherty signed up for the Madison Marathon and thought it would be cool to document his run by recording it on his GoPro. To get his marathon video perfect, he experimented with his camera on the five-mile training loop he takes through Bozeman, Montana. He recorded the videos in time-lapse setting and later stabilized the footage, resulting in smooth, flowing imagery. Over time, he accumulated an unbelievable amount of footage taken over all four seasons.

— 159.5 miles
— 98,366 photos taken
— 83 hours of stabilization
— 2 GoPros used
— 714 GB of photos
— 55.27 GB of video

After recording nearly 160 miles of footage, Dougherty edited it together, creating a seamless run through the colorful, ever-changing seasons in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

Here’s Dougherty with his trusty GoPro:

Image via Jeff Dougherty/Instagram.