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Trader Joe's is giving its employees a bonus for record sales during the virus outbreak

A stellar example of how businesses can help workers AND customers get through the coronavirus

Trader Joe's is giving its employees a bonus for record sales during the virus outbreak
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Trader Joe's has always been a place that people are proud to shop. The store serves high-quality products at decent prices.

Where else can you get such delectable frozen Mandarin orange chicken? Find a better seasoning than Everything But The Bagel? Or get frozen Indian food that's actually decent (butter chicken, we're looking at you).

Trader Joe's is so damn awesome it sells $2 bottles of wine that people aren't afraid to serve to their friends.

The employees are always friendly and helpful and fun to talk to at the register.

It's also a pleasure to shop at Trader Joe's because they treat their employees well, too. The workplace is structured to foster employees' quality of life and health.

The hourly workers are paid a fair wage, they have good health and vacation benefits, and flexibility with their schedules. They are also given the opportunity for a pay raise twice a year.

The employees are also encouraged to show their personalities by chatting with customers and bringing their own unique sense of style to their work attire. Most retail stores have high turnover, but 20% of Trader Joe's employees have worked there for 10 years or more.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the margarita mixer is fantastic?

via AFSCME Council 5 / Twitter

The store is stepping up right now during the coronavirus pandemic by helping its customers and workers.

Panic-buying has caused sales at the store to skyrocket, but instead of being greedy with the profits, Trader Joe's is sharing the profits from the sales increases with their employees.

A memo that went out on Monday announced that it's setting up a "special bonus pool" for store employees based on recent sales increases. The bonuses will be divided up among employees based on hours worked.

"We want to acknowledge the incredible hard work and dedication of our Crew Members in supporting each other and our communities by sharing the financial benefit of this sales increase with our store crew who have worked so hard during the past several weeks, and for as long as this challenge remains," the memo obtained by Business Insider said.

The store has also increased the number of days of paid sick leave available to employees as well as the frequency of store cleanings to protect their health as well.

via MA / Twitter

The store is also looking out for its customers' health by limiting the number of customers allowed in the store to around 25 at a time during the pandemic. This exposes fewer people to the virus while also making for a more comfortable shopping experience.

To best provide for its customers the stores are also only allowing customers to purchases a maximum two of any item and they can only fill one cart.

Trader Joe's is a fantastic example of a company that provides high-quality products for great prices to its customers all the while making it a great place for employees.

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