Trump just asked to be impeached on Twitter. So what are we waiting for?
via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

On Tuesday morning, President Trump tweeted about some favorable economic numbers, claiming that annual household income is up, unemployment is low, and housing prices are high.

Now, just imagine how much better those numbers would be if the country wasn't mired in an economy-killing trade war with China, bleeding out trillion-dollar-a-year debts, and didn't suffer from chaotic leadership in the Oval Office?

At the end of tweet, came an odd sentence, "Impeach the Pres."

So does this mean the president wants to be impeached? Or is it just another one of his daily, typo-ridden, meandering rants?

Being that his tweets can be used in court, wouldn't it be a smart move for him to at least have someone read through his rants before he hits send?

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If the president is calling for his own impeachment, he's not alone. A new poll shows that 51% of Americans would like him impeached by the House of Representatives.

Several lawmakers have projected there will be an impeachment vote in the House by the end of the year.

A president calling for his own impeachment on Twitter would be major news if the president didn't tweet out senseless garbage every day. But it did inspire a lot of the president's critics to agree with him for the first time ever.

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