Digital Artist Projects Breathtaking Visualizations on Walls of Chapel in England

Watch these Gothic chapel walls become a 3D immersive experience.

For a recent fundraising event at Cambridge University, groundbreaking digital artist Miguel Chevalier was commissioned to interpret the work of three of the school’s famous alumni: physicist Stephen Hawking, actor Ian McKellen, and naturalist David Attenborough. The resulting creation, projected onto the walls of Cambridge’s King’s College Chapel, marks the first time that the university has invited an artist to create a piece of art inside that centuries-old venue.

This video offers a glimpse of the breathtaking experience:


In the projected display, Chevalier constructs several graphic universes to convey the essence of subjects including health, biology, evolution, physics, and neuroscience. To show Hawking’s theories on black holes, he creates a deep blue immersive environment with thousands of lights and constellations that connect and bounce off one another.

One can’t help but wonder if public projections are the future of media consumption. I, for one, would love to watch the Pythagorean theorem come to life inside Dodger Stadium.