Exoskeletons Will Soon Make Wheelchairs Obsolete

This technology is helping disabled people walk again for the first time.

Since February 2012, Ekso Bionics has helped people take more than 17 million steps that would have otherwise been impossible. The idea of a human-exoskeleton is not completely new. In fact, G.E. created a powered exoskeleton in the 1960s called the Hardiman, but it ended up requiring too much power to work.

Now, mobile exoskeletons are becoming a part of our everyday lives and are predicted to help millions of disabled people walk again.

Check it out:

With its wearable and lithium battery-powered suit, Ekso Bionics is pioneering the field of robotic exoskeletons. In the next five years, we are expected to see the military and construction workers use exoskeletons on a widespread basis. Eventually, our clothes may even become lined with exoskeletons to make us all stronger and faster.

This technology is truly revolutionary and makes us wonder if one day we’ll all be walking around like iron men and women? One can dream.