Animated Video Illustrates How Stress Affects Your Organs

Chronic stress may invisibly damage your immune system.

Historically, our hard-wired stress response is supposed to make us alert and resilient when facing potential threats. However, when present for too long without any immediate danger, stress can spiral inward and cause an array of internal and mostly detrimental effects.

Sharon Horesh Bergquist of TEDEd guides us on an animated journey of stress and the human body—take a look:

The most interesting thing about stress is that it’s really what has kept us alive and thriving as a species for thousands of years. But somewhere in our evolution, stress has turned against us. As our world continues to develop and we become exposed to heightened stimuli via technology and the pressures of modern life, stress—when left unmanaged—can work against us, thereby increasing the aging process.

What can you do to slow down?