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  • Bye Bye Baiji It's a sad day. We must announce that the baiji has gone the way of the dodo. After many days of fruitless searching, research teams on the...
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  • RSS As we work out all the kinks of our new website, we wanted to let all you dorktastic GOOD readers who read this blog via RSS that you are going to have to re-subscribe to the feed in order to keep getting our blog delivered right to your screen. Sorry about the inconvenience. Here is the link..
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  • A Brief History From the earliest cave sketch to the latest MoMa escapade.
    Issue 002
  • Phillie Ads Despite being one of the more important birthplaces of our nation, Philadelphia seems to get short shrift, located so close to New York City. But now there seems to be a concerted effort to sap some of the coolness of the Big Apple. Coolness that maybe can no longer afford the economic absurdity that..
  • Border Fence The irony is so thick, you could cut it with a knife: A company contracted to build the fence on the border with Mexico has been caught several times in the past employing illegal immigrants. Ouch.Via MetaFilter..
  • One Degree Hotlist A few days ago, the Weather Channel, on their climate change website called One°, published the One Degree Hot List, a list of the people most influential on the climate change issue this year. The real question is that how could anyone not notice the summer like temperatures just a few days before Christmas..
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  • Flag Graphs Brazilian designer Icaro Doria uses flags to make infographics, like the European Union one here, which shows the oil consumption of the EU in blue, and the oil production in yellow. They are all amazing. Check them out here.Thanks, Ashley!.
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  • Bruce Sterling on Global Climate Change We caught up with Bruce Sterling at the World Changing offices in Seattle. This is what he had to say. An original GOOD Video..
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  • Where Are My Comments?
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  • The Street Artists Sometimes "street artists" are fine artists gone wild, having fled the confines of the gallery to apply their work directly on the urban landscape.
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