• N'Oublier Pas Baudrillard Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) passed away Tuesday. His body of work (including "Oublier Foucalt," "America," and "The Precession of the Simulacra") helped to shape both French and American critical theory. A great mind, a brilliant scholar, a vivid writer...he will be missed..
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  • Verbomania Robert Marsland, at the tender age of 18, bested a field of altiloquent little squirts during yesterday's National Vocabulary Championship held in...
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  • Bees Gone You may not know it, but all the bees in America are disappearing. Is there some new disease affecting our bee populations, or are all the bees...
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  • Nau Now Nau, a new retailer we profiled in our last issue, has just opened for online business. You can go and buy all their stylish athletic wear here, and look for retail stores to open soon..
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