• VII On the bleeding edge of conflict photography.
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  • Lieberman: Pro Choice Senator Joe Lieberman, Independent from Connecticut, and the Senator that allows the Democrats to control the Senate by a one-vote margin, is waffling about what party he likes more. Whoever is nicer to him gets to keep him! His office is filled every day with candy and cards from Democrats and Republicans,..
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  • Monkey See, Monkey Kill Chimpanzees living in southeast Senegal have been seen using spears to hunt small primates called bushbabies. Apparently, the chimps sharpen sticks with their teeth and use the spears as humans might use a dagger. Tip of the hat to the chimp that got the ball rolling on that one, tip of the hat indeed.Via..
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  • Dirty Harry Prince Harry is about to get his first taste of military action in Iraq. His deployment was conveniently announced on the same day that Prime Minister Tony Blair announced a cut of 1,600 British troops in Iraq over the coming months. In the U.S. Dick Cheney responded to the troop cuts saying, "Well,..
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  • New From The Rest Of The World In which we bring you some internet stories about how the rest of the world works. In Italy, new Prime MInister Romano Prodi, after losing a non-binding parliamentary vote by two votes yesterday, resigned. A new prime minister must now be elected. In Egypt, a blogger was jailed for four years for insulting..
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