• Monday Morning Choose GOOD Update Fun fact: Cinco de Mayo traditionally celebrates the victory of Mexican forces over French expeditionary forces in 1862. Funner fact: we threw a great party last Friday. Special thanks to the Border Film Project and Equator Books for helping to create a memorable night. Here are your facts: Number of..
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  • World AIDS Orphan Day On the seventh of May, some people got together to help mark the day as World AIDS Orphan Day. December 1st is AIDS Day, but May 7th is the day for children orphaned by AIDS (it's also.
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  • We're Having a Cinco de Mayo Party Hey boys and girls, GOOD's celebration Cinco de Mayo is rapidly approaching. And, no, that's not the holiday where you eat five jars of...
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  • Drogas About a week ago, the Mexican congress announced that it had a passed a new law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot, cocaine, and heroin. This would leave the police free to combat larger drug operations, so that, eventually, you wouldn't be able to get drugs, even though they were legal...
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  • Try Immigrating To Mexico We've been telling you a lot about the immigration protests (and this silly brouhaha with the anthem). But, let's step back for a second. This is ridiculously far from a cut and dry issue. Both sides want it to seem that way, and both sides are totally wrong. For example: what's it like to be an..
  • Designing Governments If you've ever navigated any part of our federal government's vast maze of websites, you'll notice one thing. A small child who they keep locked in Area 51 designed most of the pages. He has no knowledge of art, design, or web coding. Here is a critique. And, even though we've won the Cold War,..
  • Cinco De Mayo Party For those in LA who felt left out of our NYC launch bash, we've come through for you. On the fifth of May (that's Cinco de Mayo for you...
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  • BioDiesel Maps If you, somehow, have gotten really far ahead of the curve and are already driving a biodiesel car, you probably don't have the easiest time finding gas. Here is a map to help you out. For the rest of you, you can see what the biodiesel situation looks like.Meanwhile, in Brazil, they make so much..
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  • In The Black Gold You'll be hearing a lot about how much money gas companies are making in the next few days. To put things in perspective a little more, only 2% of ExxonMobil's record profits go to research and development, a department that might, you know, come up with an alternative to selling a dwindling supply..
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