• A For Effort A great graphic on the wonders of bureaucracy: How to fire a New York City public school teacher..
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  • Abortion Petition Read more ›
    Abortion Petition
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  • Museums For Free Read more ›
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  • How Cool Things Are Made Remember those videos on Sesame Street, where they showed you the peanut butter factory and the crayon factory and they were the coolest things ever? Now, the National Association of Manufacturers brings you a great blog with videos of "cool stuff being made" like saxophones or school buses. Check out..
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  • World LEEDer The new Hearst building, designed by Norman Foster, has been certified with a Gold LEED rating, the first office building in New York with that...
  • Right Hand Man A nice moving story for Monday morning, er, afternoon: TIME reporter Michael Weisskopf was traveling through Baghdad in a Humvee when someone threw a grenade inside the vehicle. Weisskopf grabbed the grenade and threw it out of the truck, but was a little too late. Though he saved the lives of the soldiers..
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  • Hugo's Book Club Read more ›
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  • Springfield, Here We Come
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  • The Week In GOOD Read more ›
    The Week In GOOD
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  • New York Launch Party We're going to keep reminding you until we're blue in the face: please don't forget our New York Launch party. It's on Thursday, the 21st, at...
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  • LA Launch Party Pictures Here are some pictures of the kids having a fun time vamping for the camera at our LA Launch party. More pics are on the way.We would show the pictures ourselves, but, as you may have noticed, we have temporarily lost the ability to communicate visually..
    LA Launch Party Pictures
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