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12 Websites That Might Just Make Your Life a Little Better

Happy Friday! Here are 12 cool websites that will make your life so much better.

Ever find yourself sitting on the couch, about to get into a classic “Netflix and chill” session, and you truly can’t think of what to watch? There’s a website for that. Would you like to vent all your problems to a complete stranger for free? Check. How about the ability to play almost any old Nintendo game for free? We got you.

Image via (cc) Flickr user Cassandra Leigh Gotto

Check out the below websites, which just might add incredible value to your life. You’re gonna like the way you feel (when you click)—we guarantee it. ;)

(1) Visit to learn to play the guitar for free!

(2) Check out to get promo codes for discounts at most restaurants near you.

(3) Watch every single old Disney movie for free at

(4) teaches you how to learn more effectively and pass that course without relying on your professor!

(5) Visit to get a stuffed animal version of your precious pet. You know you want one.

(6) Not sure what to watch? Go to to expand your horizons and impress that special someone.

(7) will teach you a new language online for free. Gracias!

(8) Have you still not sealed the deal? Go to for a site full of amazing recipes to cook for your boo.

(9) lets you play almost every single old Nintendo game—again, for free. POW!

(10) Sick of piano lessons, or annoyed by your teacher? Go to to teach yourself how to play.

(11) Here are the best products on Amazon under $20:

(12) And finally, my favorite: Vent your problems to a complete stranger at The doctor is IN!

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