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20 great tips people wish they'd known in their 20s that would have made life easier

These bits of advice shared by people on Reddit are absolute eye-openers.

20 great tips people wish they'd known in their 20s that would have made life easier
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Entering your twenties is an exciting time filled with endless opportunities. Whether you're advised to experiment and enjoy life or focus on career growth, this period is universally recognized as a time to make mistakes and learn from them. Embracing your youth with an open mind and a willingness to grow can set a strong foundation for a successful future. 

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In a Reddit post, user u/Kitchen_Body_7998 asked, "What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had received at 20 that would have made your life easier?" The responses poured in, and we've compiled 20 of the best life-changing tips for you. 


In a Reddit post by u/Kitchen_Body_7998, the user asked other fellow Redditors a simple question, "What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had received at 20 that would have made your life easier?" People have flooded the comments section with their take on the matter. We've compiled 20 of the best life-changing tips for you. 

1. Observe what not to do 

"Don’t just learn the right things from the right people; some of the best lessons in life come from observing what not to do from the wrong people." -u/SoIdierOfGod "Cautionary tales don't work for me, but watching somebody's bad decisions unfold in real time was enough to spook me into being more responsible." -u/CrabbyFatty-Babe

2. Play to your strengths

"Being 'smart' does not mean you'll thrive in scientific learning and work. Play to your strengths, not your expectations." - u/Ilmarinen999. "I didn’t know how this screw me over. I was always the 'smart one' and destined for great and big things…so that screwed up my expectations big time. I’m smart, I’m owe! - my thinking. People forgot to tell me that I still had to work hard and play to my strengths. That my 'smarts' would maybe ease my path but it wasn’t enough to get me to my destination. It was just a piece of the bigger puzzle."- u/Kaizen321.

3. It is all about mindset

"That there is no point in your life where you don’t have stress, problems, struggles. It’s all a matter of mindset and how you deal with it that makes it easier."- u/RavingSquirrel11. "You have to be strong and figure it out. I know people that are confronted with a problem and say screw it and go drink a beer. They can't hang and when the shit hits the fan one day: lose power for days, UFO invasion, or civil unrest they are the first to freak out and shut down. ( I do know that little bottle will run your life)."- u/Therex1282.
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by  Maik Kleinert
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Maik Kleinert

4. Don't be afraid to be alone

"Don't be afraid of being alone, better than living with someone who makes you crazy." - u/DeathToCockRoaches. "I always am reminded of that tragic quote from Robin Williams - 'I always thought that the worst thing in life would be to end up alone, but it’s not. It’s to end up with people who make you feel like you’re alone.'"- u/NapoleonTroubadour

5. Learn to cook

"Learn to cook a few decent meals now—instant noodles and takeout will lose their charm after the 300th time." - u/Anxious_Garden9696. "I recently learned how to cook at 22; it brought me solace and joy after getting dumped. Psychologically, it gave me a sense of achievement and self-esteem. Plus, ladies love a man who can cook. I know one thing: my kids will go to school with lunches made with love."- u/Ok_Address_4819.
Representative Image Source: Pexels | ivan samkov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ivan Samkov

6. Don't let people dictate your happiness 

"Don't let your happiness depend solely on someone else." - u/Angelical_Asian. "No one is responsible for it but you. Please don’t pass that responsibility onto someone else may they be family, or even kids (if you have or thinking of having any)."- u/Kaizen321.
Representative Image Source: Pexels | mattycphoto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mattycphoto

7. Mental health is important

"Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you need a mental health day…take it. Money comes back, but pushing yourself until you mentally break will catch up to you." - u/GTOdriver04. "Learning where the line is is important though I haven't had a day off since Good Friday and didn't realize how bad I needed the break until I didn't have to go to work today and slept until 7 pm (I work the night shift but still need to do the basic life stuff)."- u/Arxieos

8. Be your own support

"Be the best wingman to your future self. Don’t want to put that shirt away now? Do it as a favor for your future self. Not interested in organizing documents? Do it because you love your future self and want him to succeed."- u/80085rus. "I don’t think you’re thinking of a wingman… you’re kind of thinking of being the best butler to yourself, but that’s also an awesome goal."- u/CausticSofa.

9. Finding the right partner

"The single most important decision in your life is who you pick as a partner. Your life partner can either be the teammate who helps you succeed or the person who destroys what you spent your life building. Choose wisely and use your head and your heart."- u/just-got-it. "Trust your instincts. If you have doubts about the person you’re with or your compatibility, listen to that voice. Better to go slow and get it right. Finding a partner is not a race." -u/HornyVikingMN.

10. Treat yourself well

"Don't be too stingy and treat yourself every once in a while."- u/Fischli01. "You got that right. There are a lot of things I want but then do I need them? Also what I do every week at work is I throw a few bills in my work locker and forget about it. I have about $700 in there and didn't even feel that pinch but instead of buying lunch here and there I just put that money I would have spent into my locker."- u/Therex1282.
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Nina Uhlikova
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Nina Uhlikova

11. Do things on your own

"Start doing things on your own sooner you'll enjoy it regardless of whether you go with someone or not."- u/spikewolf123. "It took till almost my 30th birthday before I took a solo trip. Can confirm. Stop waiting for participation and buy-in.. just do the dang thing."-u/Low_Goose_5675.

12. Start investing

"Start investing now. Every dollar helps."-u/merelyadoptedthedark. "Don't spend all your money on gadgets and gizmos. Future you will desperately need that cash for rent, coffee, and the occasional adulting meltdown (real advice)."- u/MaleficentLine4081
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

13. Give your best look

"Always look your best! Wake up and glam up. Even if you’re just going to the post office. Most people are very superficial and it will take you far." - u/Harbinger347. "So true! I do the same whenever I can, also just feels good and makes for a nice routine."-u/Kitchen_Body_7998.

14. Graduate with a degree as soon as possible

"Graduate from college ASAP (I would have been in for two years at that point) and start earning money!"- u/Squarebody7987. "That the college you graduate from matters when getting your first job and your first job more/less sets the trajectory of your career." -u/FancySplit5459
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by  Gül Işık
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Gül Işık

15.  Save money

"Save and save early. Getting a paycheck is not an opportunity to buy the things you always wanted. It’s an opportunity to put as much money away as possible as a gift to future you." - u/uninsane. "Save at least $50 from every paycheck. More if you can. Don't buy useless stuff." -u/Free-Industry701.

16. Prioritize yourself

"I wish someone had told me to prioritize self-care and not to underestimate its importance amidst the hustle of early adulthood. Balancing work, relationships, and personal well-being is crucial for long-term happiness and success." - u/your_digitalGF. "Take your health seriously now when you have the time and energy and your time now would be easier."-u/Rollingpumpkin69

17. Sleep peacefully

"Sort out why you snore so badly--your sleep won't improve otherwise. That fatigue you feel every goddamn day isn't all in your head, metaphorically speaking." - u/douglasg610.

18. Start journaling

"If you don’t journal, start. If you ever hit a point in life where you’re wondering, 'How’d I get here,' those old entries become invaluable references." - u/shimmzchanga.

19. Choose happiness over money

"Seek happiness over money, don’t get into debt if you can help it, don’t compare yourself to others, you’re on your own timeline." - u/Jakehardy95.
Representative Image Source: Pexels | budgeron bach
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Budgeron Bach

20. Rely on simple fashion

"No fads. No fad beauty routines. No fad products. No fad fast fashion. You’ll just end up with a bunch of useless shit around your apartment and most is not refundable. In other words, simplify your life/routine." - u/Hot_Tumbleweed_5807

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