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Updated: Joel Francis, the Student and Former Marine, Challenges Koch CEO to Public Prop 23 Debate

Joel Francis is a student and Marine Corp veteran. He just challenged the billionaire CEO of Koch Industries to a public debate about Prop 23.


This is Joel Francis. He's a student at Cal State Los Angeles, a former student body president, and a Marine Corp veteran. He also just challenged the billionaire oilman CEO of Koch Industries to a public debate about the merits of California's Prop 23, which would kill California's climate law and into which Koch Industries has funneled at least $1 million.

Francis challenges Koch to meet him "anytime, anywhere in the state before election day." Unfortunately, there was no response from the Koch camp. So, in Francis's words:

I told him that if they didn't show up in California for a debate, I'd come to his doorstep at Koch Industries headquarters in Wichita, Kansas -- and I'm keeping my promise.

This Tuesday I'm going to Wichita to tell the Koch Brothers to stop polluting our politics, and I want to bring your signature of support with me.

Add your name to stand with me as I go to Wichita to challenge the Koch Brothers.

I'm proud that California is leading the country towards a clean energy economy, and I just don't understand what right the Koch Brothers and two Texas oil companies have meddling in our state's environmental policy. That's why I decided to challenge them.


Show your support to Francis as he heads to Kansas to take on Koch here. You can also follow the ongoing work against Prop 23 being done by the student climate advocates at POWER VOTE CA. Sign the "No on 23" pledge to voice your opposition.

Update: Joel has made it to Wichita, and Koch wanted no part of him.

More here.

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