Joel Francis: Prop 23 Debate Offer Rejected Again by Koch Industries

Joel Francis wants to debate Charles Koch about Prop 23 and the legitimacy of out of state oil money funding California election. Koch wants no part.


Earlier this week, we told you about Joel Francis, the California student and former marine who challenged the billionaire oilmen Koch brothers to debate Prop 23. Having received no response, he set out for the Wichita headquarters of Koch Industries, where he arrived on Tuesday and was rebuffed once again. With heightened security. (See video above.) From Francis:

Well, I did it. Tuesday I went to Wichita to directly challenge oilman Charles Koch to a debate. How was I received? A cold rejection from an increased security presence.

The Koch Brothers and other Big Oil companies continue to hide and manipulate our democracy from behind closed doors. Thanks for signing the petition to stand with me -- together we've begun to expose dirty money in politics.

Our work has just begun.

Watch and share my video update, and create your own event to take on Big Oil.

In the next 5 days we must continue to expose their dirty practices, and fight back by mobilizing our communities to vote this Tuesday, November 2nd.

Thanks again for standing with me,



Once again, you can also follow the ongoing work against Prop 23 being done by the student climate advocates at POWER VOTE CA, and sign the "No on 23" pledge to voice your opposition.