Dietary Supplements: Friday, February 4 Dietary Supplements: Friday, February 4

Dietary Supplements: Friday, February 4

by Nicola Twilley

February 6, 2011

Is the "Food Revolution" over in Los Angeles schools? Chef Jamie Oliver's LAUSD filming permit has been revoked.

A new USDA study says that for $2.50 a day, you can eat enough fruits and veggies to meet their new dietary guidelines.

Slurp your soup, burp after your meal, but never, ever eat the tail of a dried mouse appetizer: table manners from around the world.

From the TGIF Department: Not only is new Starbucks Trenta cup bigger than your stomach, it also holds a full bottle of wine. Meanwhile, if you're mowing down on chicken wings this weekend, think about where all that dark meat goes.

What makes foods fried in beer batter better than water-based batter? Bubbles. Scientists have even published research on the phenomenon.

New vacuum fryers could make more nutritious chips, with less oil and maybe without sacrificing taste.

And, since it's the weekend, your extra credit is in slideshow form: Browse the graphic history of USDA dietary guidelines since 1894.

Dietary Supplements is a daily roundup of what we're reading at GOOD Food HQ. Enjoy!

Image: USDA National Agricultural Library, via The Baltimore Sun.

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Dietary Supplements: Friday, February 4