Hacks and Hackers Los Angeles: Data Event 12/16

A community focused on bringing journalism and technology together will have it's first real event in Los Angeles.

Next Thursday, December 16th, The Los Angeles Chapter of Hacks and Hackers, a community focused on bringing journalism and technology together, will have it's first real event. The theme is Data—finding it, making sense of it, visualizing it, telling stories with it. The event will bring together some amazing minds in the space to present their work and thinking on the subject, followed by a brief Q&A.

The speakers are:

Casey Reas, co-creator of the visualization programming language Processing, and professor at UCLA's Design Media Arts Department

Mark Hansen, professor of statistics at UCLA

Ben Welsh, from the LA Times Data Desk

Diego Prats, CEO of technology company Border Stylo.

And I (co-founder and creative director at GOOD) will be moderating.

As we've been discussing here at GOOD, data is where much of the future of journalism (and many of the humanities) lies. And perfectly aligned at the intersection of journalism and technology, and should be a great place for us to kick off the Hacks and Hackers in LA.

We'll look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, December 16th


Crawford Family Forum at KPCC
474 South Raymond Ave. Pasadena CA (map and directions)

RSVP on meetup.

And please bring a coat or toy to donate to a local charity.