Feast Your Eyes: Why Bees Matter

It's not just honey. The decline in honey bees is also about money. Lots of it.

If you plan on eating in the coming years, you might want to check out this infographic.

Created by Montreal's FFunction, the full graphic depicts the rapid decline of honey bees, which which have been dying for reasons that are both scary and mysterious since scientists first noticed Colony Collapse Disorder in 2006.

Without bees, it's unclear if bumblebees (which are in the midst of their own crisis), thrips, or other creatures would be able to pollinate the flowering plants and trees that need it, especially high-value crops like fruits and nuts. The above section shows that honey bees' value to U.S. agriculture alone, drawn from this Cornell report, is $15 to 20 billion a year.

Without them, clearly, we'd be living in a vastly different world.