Surprise: Osama Loved American Soda

Though he supposedly hated America and drugs, new evidence suggests bin Laden may have partaken in both.

One of the stranger details to trickle out of Osama bin Laden's former Pakistani compound has to be this: The brutal terrorist whom for decades dedicated himself to the destruction of America nevertheless had a weakness for two of America's biggest soft drink brands.

According to a Pakistani grocer whose store is just 150 feet from Bin Laden's compound, whenever Bin Laden's aides would come shopping, they would always leave with multiple cases of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The grocer said they never showed any favor to either brand, and that the men would leave with enough food and beverages for 10 people.

A message to advertisers: "So good not even Osama could resist it" might be an interesting slogan.

Update: Reporting from Abbottabad today, CNN's Nic Robertson discovered rows of marijuana plants mingling with the cabbage and potato crops that bordered Bin Laden's hideout. Pakistan is well known for its opium poppy trade, but marijuana is a rarity compared to other pot-growing locales around the world. People are now theorizing that the weed was there for Bin Laden, who was in pretty poor health and could have used something to dull his pains. If true, the dope-smoking, Coke-swilling terrorist was a hypocrite of tremendous proportions.