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Bakery is asking its customers to look for a $4,000 diamond in one of their cookies

The bakeshop's owner lost the valuable gem while she was working with the batter of a batch of cookies.

Bakery is asking its customers to look for a $4,000 diamond in one of their cookies
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Taryn Elliott

As customers step inside a bakery in Kansas, United States, they are welcomed with the sweet aroma of baked goods. But now, they might discover a sparkling diamond popping up from the cookies made at Sis Sweets Cookies & Cafe. No, the pastry chefs didn’t embed the gem in the desserts on purpose. The gem belongs to the bakeshop owner, who lost it while baking a batch of cookies.

Image source: Photo by Davide Baraldi
Representative Image source: Photo by Davide Baraldi

Dawn "Sis" Monroe owns the Sis Sweets Cookies & Café located on Cherokee Street in Leavenworth, Kansas. In April, she posted a note on Facebook stating that she had lost a diamond from her ring—it had probably fallen into one of the bakery’s cookies. “Bonus points if you buy cookies today,” she wrote in the caption. “My diamond is missing. It is not required of me to wear gloves when I bake. My heart is beyond broken.” 

The bakery staff has been working here for years but hasn’t ever encountered a scene like this. Monroe’s lost diamond led the staff into a tizzy over its search. "We kinda went back to the kitchen and looked around," Monroe told KMBC 9. "I was crying, and all he could say was, 'You still have me,' so that made it all better," she added.

Image source: Pexels | Photo by Life Of Pix
Representative Image source: Pexels | Photo by Life Of Pix

The marquis-cut diamond studded in her wedding ring had been on her hand daily for nearly 36 years. For Monroe, it is a treasured possession that her husband had chosen exclusively for their engagement. She said the ring is worth more than $4,000. But now, in a dramatic twist, it is nowhere to be found. Monroe believes the diamond may have dropped into the baking dough while rolling and making cookies a few days before. She said the bakery employees had put on and taken off more than 119,000 rubber gloves the previous year, but she wasn’t wearing a glove while baking.


The search for the missing diamond has been narrowed down to either chocolate chip, sugar, or peanut butter cookies. The bakery has asked its customers to be cautious before biting into a cookie. "Mainly ‘cause I didn't want anybody to break a tooth," Monroe warned. The bakery continues to sell cookies, bars, and pastries, hoping the search for the missing diamond will come to a close. Monroe has offered a reward of free cookies to the finder of the glittering gem. "I would make it worth your while bringing it back," Monroe said, chuckling.

Monroe said her diamond is too precious to be lost. And so, people plunged in to show their support by sharing her Facebook post hundreds of times. @djdantastic stirred a lighthearted mood in the comment section with a hilarious remark, “If you need me to eat some cookies to help find it, I’m your man! Seriously I hope it turns up!” suggested, “I wonder if a metal detector would find it?” Others doled out their prayers and wishes for her. Monroe, however, hasn’t found the ring yet. She anticipates the diamond will be found, but if it doesn’t, she will have to get a new gem as its replacement, she says.



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