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Seeking Refuge

by Jason Bishop Matt Owens

November 13, 2008
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Wars, famine, and natural disasters are just a few of the reasons people are forced to leave their homes and flee their countries. Around the world, millions of refugees are waiting, sometimes for a lifetime, to return home. Here is a look at who they are.View Seeking Refuge: A Glance at Refugees WorldwideDESIGN athleticsnyc.comCORRECTION: In response to your comments, we've put up a corrected version of this Transparency. What we've changed: The circles on the right are now correctly labeled. Earlier, the top and bottom circles' labels were reversed. The center circle now indicates refugees per 1,000 square kilometers rather than refugees per square kilometer. As well, we've corrected the sources. You can view the uncorrected file here. To clarify a few other questions: On the left side, the refugees are divided by area in which they currently live. For example, of all the refugees in the world living in urban areas, 20 percent live in Europe. According to the UNHCR report upon which this graphic is based, "the 4.4 million Palestinian refugees falling under the mandate of UNRWA are not included in UNHCR statistics. However, in relation to their population size, Jordan, Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the Syrian Arab Republic all rank among the top refugee-hosting countries or territories."We regret the error -GOOD
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Seeking Refuge