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New App Is The Tinder For Dog-Borrowing

It also can hook dog owners up with sitters.

According to Psychology Today, bonding with a dog can have great mental and physical benefits, even after just a few minutes. Interacting with a dog can lower a person’s blood pressure and heart rate and also can reduce stress hormones and muscle tension. “These positive psychological effects work a lot faster than many drugs taken for stress, since all of these effects occurred after only 5 to 24 minutes of pleasantly interacting with the dog,” Psychology Today said.

But for many dog lovers, the responsibilities of ownership put having a furry pal just out of reach, while others are unsure which breed works best for their lifestyle. Now there’s a new app, Bark ‘N’ Borrow, that allows dog lovers to spend time with a canine without having to own one. It also connects people with shelter dogs for a playdate that could lead to an adoption and is an easy way for dog-sitters to promote their businesses.


Recently, No-Kill Los Angeles partnered with the Bark ‘N’ Borrow tech company to help promote available shelter dogs to the app’s users. “There are nearly 4 million homeless dogs in shelters across the U.S. who are in desperate need of care and a permanent home,” Liam Berkeley, CEO and founder of Bark ‘N’ Borrow, said in a press release. “We’re excited to work with NKLA to bring more attention to their adoptable dogs and to offer our users the ability to meet these incredible animals with the goal of long-term adoptions.”

Just like people, all dogs are different. Bark ‘N’ Borrow gives potential owners the chance to see if the dog breed they’ve been thinking about adopting is a good fit for themselves or their families. “A lot of our users are currently waiting to find the right kind of dog to adopt and, in the meantime, are excited to borrow to see which breed suits their lifestyle,” Berkeley said.

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