GOOD Pictures: Introducing Our Weekly Photo Show

Photographers we love right now.

Our new series, GOOD Pictures, will feature work by a new photographer each week, with a focus on up-and-coming artists. We're your two curators, Stephanie Gonot and Jen Mizgata. In this introductory post, we've each chosen three photographers we love right now, and who represent the style of work we'll be showcasing in the upcoming months.

This week features work by Amy Lombard, Ari Gabel, Matthew Tammaro, Ilza Vanaga, Randy P. Martin, and Richard Nicholson. We want to hear from you! In the comments, let us know what you think of the work and suggest other photographers you’d like to see highlighted.

More about us:

Jen Mizgata is a Baltimore-based documentarian and fine art photographer who loves working with film. Her work, which is heavily influenced by her involvement in the DIY music scene, has been featured on the Fader, Stereogum, Tiny Mix Tapes, Impose, and the Baltimore City Paper. You can see her work on her website and her blog.

Stephanie Gonot is a photographer and independent curator living in Los Angeles. In addition to making her own work, she runs a daily photo blog and curatorial platform called Please Excuse The Mess. She enjoys making strange food photographs and black and white portraits of her friends and creating art events across Los Angeles. Look for her work on her website and her blog.