7 Beautiful Images of People Getting to Experience Their Final Wish

The Ambulance Wish Foundation is doing some amazing work.

When Kees Veldboer was transporting a terminally ill patient between hospitals in 2006 he had no idea that his life was about to change forever. The patient had been cooped up in a hospital room for months and told Veldboer he wanted to see the Vlaardingen canal one more time so he could feel the sun and smell the water. Veldboer granted his wish and the man’s emotional reaction made Veldboer realize that he could give this gift to other people in similar situations. So he started the Ambulance Wish Foundation to do just that. Based in the Netherlands, the foundation now has over 230 volunteers and has granted almost 7,000 wishes.

The gallery above highlights a few examples of the Ambulance Wish Foundation’s extraordinary work.

(h/t Upworthy)