Cat Invades Baseball Game, Takes On Groundskeeper

Announcers deliver accurate play-by-play coverage.

The sixth inning of a Royals-Cardinals game took a turn for the surreal as play was halted when a cat strolled onto the outfield during play. Fans, announcers, and even players enjoyed the visitor, but things got hairy for the groundskeeper tasked with removing the cat. Announcers called the action as the employee attempted to remove the cat and correctly predicted that an animal in this sort of stressful situation would likely lash out at whoever tried to handle it.

Sure enough, when the crew member scooped up the feline, the cat bit the man not once, but twice.

The groundskeeper appeared later with a bandaged finger.

The bitten crew member’s name is Lucas Hackmann, and he’s got a message for the cat. Or for the fans. It’s a little unclear from this tweet.

Thanks, Lucas. Get well soon.