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A Young Memphis Grizzlies Fan Made The Most Of His Halftime Performance On-Court

This young showman knows how to work a crowd.

Few of us will ever have the good fortune to grace the court of a packed NBA arena, so when the opportunity came for one young man, he had an understandable urge to make his presence known.

During halftime of many low-stakes games, pro sports teams often turn over their court during the 15-minute break to host amateur players, allowing wide-eyed kids to sample the sweet life of pro players, if only for a short time.

However, a halftime during a recent Memphis Grizzlies game provided more than enough time for a showy fan to ham it up for the crowd and flash a Marc Gasol jersey from under his team’s standard uniform. It may not have been representative of the team values we try to instill in young athletes, but it was nonetheless plenty entertaining.

It’s a testament to both the young man’s athletic ability and some truly lazy opposing defense that he’s able to pick the ball up after posturing — a blatant yet uncalled double dribble — and drive the length of the court for an easy shot. Sure, he may have all the trappings of a prima donna, but when you’ve got the talent to back up the spectacle … that’s star power.

With college and pro scouts eyeing younger and younger prospects, this type of display might just be good business sense.

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