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This Superhuman Dancer Stole The Show At A Celtics Game With Some Truly Freaky Moves

His head and torso don’t even appear to be connected.

On Monday night, the league-best Boston Celtics squared off and lost to their conference challenger, the Detroit Pistons. While Boston’s uncharacteristic 118-108 defeat defied explanation from many of the team’s fans, it was a phenomenon in the stands that gave the game national attention, thanks to a clip of a fan dancing in the trippiest way possible.

There's clearly a lot going on here, in this video that's been viewed almost a half-million times in less than two days. Clearly, this is a Celtics fan who, judging from his wardrobe and smile, doesn't shy away from attention. Rocking novelty sunglasses and a shirt that's half home jersey and half away jersey, this nameless hero captivated the crowd with his hypnotic routine.

Modern science tells us that this man’s head can’t exist independently from his body, yet … here we are, doubting our very eyes.

The Celtics may not have won on Monday night, but every fan with a clear view of this majestic dance walked away a little richer for the experience.

This isn’t the first time a rhythmic fan has drawn attention away from the on-court action. Several years ago, in much more enthusiastic fashion, one brave man showed us all what it really means to be a Bon Jovi fan.

If you’re a dancer hoping to get discovered, get to a Celtics game as quickly as you can.

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