A Uniformed Cop Completely Schools A Player In A Pickup Game

Even the cameraman couldn’t contain his reaction when he saw what the cop was doing.

It’s one thing to get schooled during a pickup game. Sure, you’re humiliated, and you let your team down, but on the bright side there’s usually a very limited audience to register your athletic embarrassment.

One of the subjects of this now-viral video wasn’t quite so lucky, and it was all captured on camera, then posted to social media where the clip has now garnered 2.41 million views as of this morning.

Oh, and the party responsible for this public basketball shaming was a police officer. In full uniform.

It’s a safe bet that this nameless defender won’t be living down this event for quite some time. Almost as entertaining as the matchup itself are the unbridled screams of the observers as they watch their buddy get schooled not just by any athlete, but a cop. The video, initially posted by @Lizleeeee, was quick to amass clever takes on what Twitter users just saw.

This one might be the best:

I’m not sure if anyone was protected here, but it’s clear one poor soul got served.