This NFL Player Fired Off Perfect Responses To United's Brutal Treatment Of A Passenger

The hulking lineman includes a photo of what the ‘re-accommodation’ looked like to him

Two days after video footage emerged of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly and brutally removed from an airplane, the prevailing response from the public is nothing short of outrage over his treatment.

In the past 24 hours alone, matters have been made worse through the issuance of a statement, thought of by many as callous and tone-deaf, from United CEO Oscar Munoz via Twitter:

People have been eager to share their thoughts and frustration online, and Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas is no exception. Using his Twitter platform, Thomas fired off several tweets expressing his outrage over the incident, as well as mocking their choice of language and approach in their subsequent statement to the public.

He starts off by stating the obvious—United might be in some very hot water, legally speaking.

Wheels Up is a platform that makes private aviation more affordable through a subscription model (but still very, very expensive).

Like so many others, Thomas also expressed his contempt for airlines’ use of nonsense terminology to obfuscate their real intentions, taking issue with the airline’s declaration that dragging a bloodied man down an aisle was a “re-accommodation.”

He rested his case with this simple and resonant tweet.

At least the NFL puts players in pads before they get “re-accommodated.”