This Is What President Obama Texted Kevin Durant Following His First NBA Championship

The only thing more surreal than your first championship is a text from the former President

The Golden State Warriors may not be too keen on the customary White House visit following their recent NBA Championship, but that didn’t stop Kevin Durant from talking up a message he received from the former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

During a podcast interview with The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, Durant let slip that, shortly after winning, he received a text from none other than hoops fan Barack Obama.

Below is a transcript of the exchange (via For The Win):

Durant: “Obama. He sent a text through somebody to get to me.”

Simmons: “What’d he say?”

Durant: “’Congrats. Your defense was really good,’ which was random … and he told me to enjoy it, have some fun, typical stuff. I wasn’t expecting that.”

You can hear the interview in its entirety below or listen to Durant discuss the Obama text at about 43:15.

This isn’t the first time that Durant has found himself in Obama’s good graces. In 2014, Durant was the recipient of a much warmer greeting than the dude in line ahead of him when the then-President visited a Team USA workout.

That interaction was reportedly the inspiration for this hilarious Key and Peele bit about Obama changing up his greetings for acquaintances of different races.

I wouldn't hold your breath on a Trump text, K.D. Sorry.