Check Out This Guy’s Simple Underground Home

Dan lives the life of a "neo hobo."

Is Dan Price a modern-day Thoreau? After returning to his home state of Oregon in 1990, he was determined to avoid mortgages or rent. So, Price found an unused meadow in Joseph, Oregon. He began renting the 200-acre space for $100/year in exchange for cleaning downed trees and repairing fences.

In the beginning, he built and lived in a tipi on the land, but felt it was too big. He then constructed a 9’ by 12’ red willow dome hut instead. When he was robbed through his skylight, he decided to tear down the entire home except the underground portion. That’s when he went into “hobbit mode,” as he calls it, and has lived underground ever since.

In his meadow escape, Price has a composting toilet, a propane-powered shower that uses river water, and a wood pine propane sauna. He’s not connected to city water, but his own line of spring water has been approved by the city.

Price calls himself a “hobo artist,” and lives a self-proclaimed “neo hobo” lifestyle. When winter comes around, he leaves his underground home and goes surfing. Price is truly an inspiration for simple, GOOD living.