Frustrated With Tuition Costs, MIT Dropout Creates His Own College

This revolutionary college for tech developers hinges on the real-world success of its students.

As millions of young Americans drown in student loan debt, MIT dropout Jeremy Rossmann has started to rethink higher education by creating his own college in San Francisco, the Make School. Disgruntled by the confines and rising tuition costs of higher education, Rossmann sought to create a unique space specifically for founders and developers, with real-world training and incentives.

Instead of taking tuition up front, Make School encourages students to focus solely on creating new developments—and then takes a percentage of their future salaries. The success of the school, therefore, is directly tied to students’ future employment.

No grades, tests, or tuition seems pretty easy, right? Wrong. Make’s acceptance rate is 10%, making it more competitive than Duke or Harvard.

Is the risk worth it? Take a look: