How a Growing City’s Most Dangerous Intersection Became Less Dangerous

Let’s improve the roads that connect us all.

When people think of Ohio, they often think cows, corn and football. While these are certainly elements of Midwestern life, the city of Columbus, like many other Midwestern cities, is a growing hub of urban life with a population that’s never seen a decrease.

The Morse Road Corridor, home to a diverse group of residents, is a major local thoroughfare in Columbus that for consecutive years, until recently, had been named the city’s most dangerous intersection due to the frequency and severity of its accidents. In this episode of The Big Road Fix, we take a closer look at what’s made the intersection dangerous, how it’s been improved, and how the community has responded.

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The Big Road Fix is a new a video series from GOOD and Progressive exploring the evolving culture of transportation in cities across America. Together, we hope to improve the roads that connect us all.