Queen of right-wing hate speech tricked into flying to Prague to accept a humiliating award
via Josh Pieters / YouTube

Katie Hopkins is a former UK reality TV show star who later became a right-wing columnist. She has compared refugees to "cockroaches" and said that gunships should be used to keep immigrants from crossing the Mediterranean to reach western Europe.

She wrongly accused a Muslim family of being part of Al-Qaeda and called for a "final solution" after the Manchester bombing.

The final solution was a Nazi plan for the genocide of Jews during World War II.

Of course, Donald Trump praised her for writing about the UK's "Muslim problems."

via Twitter

She has since brought her brand of right-wing hate to Fox News where she is a pro-Trump contributor.

YouTuber Josh Pieters and magician Archie Manners set up an elaborate prank to embarrass Hopkins by flying her to Prague, Czech Republic, to receive an award from a fake organization, the Capetown Collective for the Freedom of Speech.

There, she was presented with the fictional "Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy", which spells out a word that is a sexist slur in America, but in the UK, is a casual expletive used to refer to anyone pejoratively.

If you're not familiar with Katie Hopkins, you might start to almost feel bad for her at some point – but then you hear her vile acceptance speech. See how the the diabolical prank went down below.