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This Cancer Survivor Is Taking Hilarious Selfies With Her (Actual) Amputated Foot

"The doctor thought I was joking but I was serious and was like ‘No, I really do want it back.’”

After suffering through a fight with cancer which led to an amputated foot, Kristi Loyall hit the doctors up with a pretty bizarre request – she wanted to keep the foot. Remarkably, the medical staff indulged her, and after shipping it off for sterilization, Kristi was reunited with her old foot, though probably not in the manner she would have preferred.

(In case you’re wondering what kind of company prepares amputated limbs for their return to their original owners, it’s a company called Skulls Unlimited, which de-fleshes and articulates bones for collections and preservation.)

That was in 2011. Now, in 2016, she’s showing off her hijinks and adventures with her removed limb on the Instagram account onefootwonder.

Obviously, the account is very tongue-in-cheek, but she also created it to share the daily struggles of what cancer fighters and beaters must endure. And it’s her hope that the humor she projects from these ridiculous photos will also help those afflicted by giving them a dose of positivity and laughter under circumstances that are normally lacking in both.

She says, “I just started taking it to places and putting in it funny positions so I could make a joke about. - It makes me feel better to be able to look on the funny side of things and make other people laugh as well. Everything that comments says really kind things."

When she got the foot back, she knew she had to do SOMETHING with it, and her cousins weighed in with the winning idea. She recalls to Inside Edition, “My cousins friend had the idea of starting an Instagram and I thought it was a brilliant idea.”

I’m not sure how I’m pressed we should be by this accolade, but judging by the post below, she was awarded “Best Instagram Account” recently by a...water taxi company. That’s a sufficiently random honor, given the subject matter of the account, isn’t it?

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