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NASA Creates Awesome iPad App for Science Education NASA Creates Awesome iPad App for Science Education

NASA Creates Awesome iPad App for Science Education

by Liz Dwyer

July 31, 2011

The space shuttle program may be over, but NASA's ability to inspire the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math experts is as strong as ever. On Tuesday they released a free iPad app, the Visualization Explorer, which "allows users to easily interact with extraordinary images, video, and information about NASA's latest earth science research." 

But unlike a static image, the app allows users to see how marine deserts (or any other natural phenomena) shifts over time—and it's narrated by NASA scientists who explain what's happening. Michael Starobin, the app's senior producer and editorial director says they believe "science should be accessible to everyone" so the app's "one-of-a-kind content is geared to the general public, students, educators—anyone interested in the natural world."

The app's editorial team plans to keep its content fresh by releasing two new science features every week, and they might add stories about things we traditionally associate with NASA—the sun, planets and "exotic objects far out in the cosmos" in the future. Of course, given that so many schools and students still don't have iPads, just how widespread its use in the classroom will be remains to be seen. But even if you're not a student, the app is a neat opportunity to see our world through a fresh lens.

photo via Nasa Goddard/Loudoun School, Leesburg, VA  

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NASA Creates Awesome iPad App for Science Education