Video: Helicopters Dump Water On Fukushima Reactors

Watch as helicopters drop tons of water on the Fukushima reactors in a desperate attempt to cool the plant and avoid a meltdown.

Quick Fukushima update: Workers and crisis responders are desperately trying to cool the reactors and replenish the spent fuel ponds. They're shooting water from long distance water cannons, and on Thursday morning, helicopters dumped about 30 tons of water over two of the plant's six reactors. Watch this Al Jazeera video to see one of those incredible dumps.


Apparently, the water drops were ordered to stop as the radiation levels even at the helicopter altitude were considered too risky. Still, I'd add these helicopter pilots to the ranks of true heroes—along with the Fukushima 50 and the those who manned the warning posts like Miki Endo—in the face of this unfolding catatrophe. Meanwhile, if you want to follow along, Japan's NHK television station is streaming live, and translated, on MSNBC:


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The BBC live coverage site and Al Jazeera English live blog are the best I've found.