Won't This New Energy Drink Result in Children Drinking Poison?

The new "blue-collar" energy drink Rivet seeks to make waves with its populist marketing and design. But the can seems downright dangerous.

Boing Boing today covered the new energy drink Rivet, a beverage being advertised as specifically for the working class. "Virtually every energy drink on the market today is marketed towards youth culture," says Rivet's press release. "What about the blue collar worker that just wants to have energy to get the job done?"

Class-based gimmicks aside, we couldn't help but notice the Rivet can's design. To us, it looks a lot like, say, a can of paint thinner or a tin of lighter fluid—not something you'd like a kid who can't read labels drinking in the hope of having some of mommy and daddy's favorite morning jolt.

GOOD stands behind innovative design, obviously, but there's a difference between design that's innovative and design that flouting basic common sense in order to be unique.