Police broke into an innocent black man's house and arrested him. It was all caught on camera.

Police broke into an innocent black man's house and arrested him. It was all caught on camera.

When homeowner Kazeem Oyeneyin was awakened by his burglar alarm he didn't expect a police officer to show up with his gun drawn, handcuff him in his underwear, and parade him outside in front of his neighbors under the suspicion of trying to burglarize his own home. But, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.

"Police. If you're inside, make yourself known. Come on out with your hands up." The police officer ordered as he aimed his gun toward Oyeneyin who was coming out in his boxers to investigate the alarm that was mistakenly tripped by a friend staying with him. Oyeneyin then tried to let the officer know that he was in his own home, but the officer didn't listen.

"Turn around and face away from me!" The officer kept yelling as Oyeneyin, rightfully confused by the absurdity of what was happening, tried to explain that he was in his home and the issue was resolved with the alarm company. "I was counting the seconds because I thought he was going to kill me," Mr. Oyeneyin, 31, told ABC News.

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"I got on my drawers!" Oyeneyin begged as he tried to reason with the officer. After all, burglars don't normally burglarize in their skivvies, but it was no use. "Just turn around and put your hands behind your back and get down on your knees," the officer responded.

"This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life," he said. It took another police officer who knew him to show up and tell the other officers that he did indeed live there for him to be released.

Oyeneyin says that he's tired of having cops point their guns at him, and that it wasn't the first time. You cannot blame him for his sentiment, or any other person for that matter. According to the Washington Post there have been 623 fatal shootings by police officers so far in 2019, and 138 of those have been black folks.

This is what 138 people shot by police looks like.

Another study found that Mr. Oyeneyin has a better chance of dying in a police-related shooting than he does of winning a prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket. Put another way, 1 out of every 1000 black men and boys can expect to die in a police shooting.

With that in mind it's easy to understand why Kazeem Oyeneyin, who works as a club promoter and whose son was thankfully staying with his mother at the time of the incident, decided to record the confrontation with the police on his mobile phone. And to release the footage from his home security camera to the public.

According to another report a police spokesperson said an internal investigation was being conducted, and that they tried to reach out to Mr. Oyeneyin who hasn't responded to their calls. He is still weighing whether to take legal action. But the question remains for him and many others of whether they are safe in their own home, not just from criminals but from police alike and that's kind of sickening.

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