'We've all been afraid to step up.' South Carolina College GOP chair says he won't vote Trump
via Will Galloway / Twitter

Will Galloway, Chariman of the South Carolina College Republicans, and avowed conservative since the seventh grade, has announced he will not vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Galloway has worked for GOP candidates since the age of 14 and was an outreach director for Senator Rick Santorum's presidential campaign in 2015. But in a video posted by Republican Voters Against Trump, he announced that he will not voting for Trump because the values he supports as a conservative are "not what we're seeing in our supposedly Republican Commander-in-Chief."

Galloway's Twitter profile shows that he's a staunch pro-life conservative who strongly supports market-based strategies to fight climate change.

In the video, he encourages fellow Republicans who've been "too afraid" to step up to be vocal about their opposition to the president.