8 Tweets Perfectly Explain Trump’s Bad Taste

Seriously, never dine with Trump

When you head to the polls this November ask yourself one thing: Do we want a commander in chief who can’t tell the difference between tasty fresh french fries and freezer fare? Do we really want someone with their hands on the nuclear option who can’t even pick the right snack option?

Twitter user @JenDeaderick , a writer and social media expert who is working on a graphic novel about the history of the Equal Rights Amendment, hopped on the social media site to dash off a recently remembered story told to her by a former roommate about the one and only Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Said roomie was a pastry chef at a Trump-owned restaurant at the time and had a pretty epic tale to tell.

We love that last touch, where she clarifies that it’s not the Ore-Ida fries she’s knocking (who among us doesn’t have a guilty pleasure or two hiding in the freezer), but rather the guy who feigns fry expertise, and yet can’t tell the difference between high-brow and low-brow food.

We’re waiting on an announcement from the Trump camp.