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Cheers to the Ridesharing Economy

by Katharine Gammon Brian Hurst

December 30, 2015
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Ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar have arrived in 190 American cities in recent years. But what effect—if any—have these services had on the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians? With so many of us partaking in holiday cheer these days, we took a close look at the available data to see if these services might make our streets safer through the new year.

Could the sharing economy help revelers get home safely, especially in a time of holiday revelry—when accidents involving driver impairment tend to skyrocket? Let’s find out whether we should resolve to rideshare on New Year’s Eve in this infographic powered by Progressive through Data for GOOD.


Preview image via Flickr user Daniel Zimmerman (cc).

Throughout 2015, we're partnering with Progressive to harness the power of information. Each week, we'll put data under the microscope, asking how statistics and research can empower us to challenge our understanding of ourselves and the ways we navigate our world. Knowledge is the first step on the way to progress: Let's take this information and drive change in the world together. This is Data for GOOD.

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Cheers to the Ridesharing Economy