Infographic: Predicting Customer Needs Infographic: Predicting Customer Needs
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Infographic: Predicting Customer Needs

by GOOD Partner

February 28, 2013
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Consumers today constantly utilize the latest technologies to access information, make informed decisions, and engage with the companies they love (and to criticize the ones that they don’t).

So as a 21st Century leader, what does it take to meet these new consumer behaviors and demands, and drive new technologies? This week, learn five innovative tactics – one each day – that data-centric leaders are using to plug into the new customer-centric world around them and what inspired them to do so.


This is the first infographic in a series of five that explores how industry leaders are leveraging technology and changing the way we do business. Learn more about Figures of Progress, and other industry leaders that are changing the world, here.

Sources: New York Times, The Wall Street Journal

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Infographic: Predicting Customer Needs