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The Future of Daily Travel by Josh Covarrubias

September 16, 2014
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The GOOD Cities Project

We create the cities we love, and the cities we love create us.

Launch Infographic

Whether they get to work by lanes, trains or ferries, commuters around the world are increasing in number, and cities are taking notice. The investment in public transportation, in the infrastructure and convenience of daily travel, is not cheap, currently ranging from a cost of $2,492 in Istanbul to $9,229 in New York per commuter. By expanding their networks, however, cities around the world are getting ready for a booming return on their investment. Explore this infographic for a by-numbers peek at the future of getting to work around the world.Advertisement

The GOOD Cities Project is a five-month collaboration with Ford, exploring how we make our cities and how our cities make us. As part of the project, GOOD and Ford have commissioned cultural creatives across the country to help illuminate and celebrate the rich and vastly diverse points of view that make up each city's individual character. Each week, we will be exploring attributes that we believe are fundamental to living meaningful urban lives.

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Commuter Capital The Future of Daily Travel