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The GOOD 100: X Prize Foundation

Healthy Competition

The X Prize Foundation, which creates competitions to encourage technological development, already succeeded in inspiring the creation of a spaceship-dubbed SpaceShipOne-that could be launched into orbit twice in one week. While the competition offers prizes, its real success is offering a framework and impetus for technological advancement; the winner of the first prize spent far more on development than the prize was worth. After that success, the X Prize's horizons have broadened, spawning other competitions that may bring about major breakthroughs in the process. Here is what else you can expect from the X Prize soon:Progressive Automotive X PrizeWhat The first team to build a car that has a fuel economy of 100 mpg and can be mass-produced.When Team registration has closed. Trials for the entries are set to begin in May, 2010.How much $10 millionWho's playing The 73 registered teams include big alternative-fuel players like Tesla and Aptera.Google Lunar X PrizeWhat The first team to send a robot to the moon, have it travel 550 yards, and transmit pictures and data back to Earth.When All teams must be registered by December 31, 2010. If no team is successful by the end of 2012, the prize money starts to drop.How much $30 millionWho's playing Teams include Odyssey Moon, associated with Carl Sagan's Planetary Society, which is building a Moon rover, and Frednet, which plans to use open-source technology in its design.Archon Genomics X PrizeWhat The first team to build a device that can sequence 100 human genomes in 10 days.When Teams make two attempts per year to correctly sequence the genomes. The deadline for success is October, 2013.How much $10 millionWho's playing So far, only seven teams have registered, including the Personal Genome X-team, an outgrowth of an organization attempting to collect genetic information to better understand genetics.

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