Transparency: Grameen Bank Transparency: Grameen Bank
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Transparency: Grameen Bank

by Thomas Porostocky

June 3, 2009
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Founded in 1983 by Muhammad Yunus, the Grameen Bank (Grameen is Bangledeshi for "village") provides small loans to rural borrowers in Bangladesh. In the years since, the Bank has become so successful (Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006),that a whole community of Grameen enterprises-known as the Grameen Bank Family of Companies-have sprung up around it. Some bring phone service to poor Bangledeshis, while others invest in technology startups. The whole range of companies is like a massive, multinational corporation, except this company's goal is social change. Our latest Transparency is a look at the Grameen Family of Companies.

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Transparency: Grameen Bank